Monday, 12 September 2011

Cafe Sessions

Blue Valentines presents Goodwin Sands at Cafe Sessions Chapter 1  Thursday September 15th 8pm
Support: Fiona Fitzpatrick
Assisted by Cavan Co. Council Arts Awards
Live streamed at
Rolof, a young Dutch musician living on the outskirts of Utrecht comes into contact with Pete, an emigrated Englishman, via the Worldwide Web. During various evenings enjoying the delights of English tea they decide to embark on a musical adventure together.
With cellist Tim, the foundations are in place for the band that will later become Goodwin Sands. Singer Anna crawls, armed with her beautifully decorated glockenpsiel and eggshaker, between the mass of instruments into Rolof's room to complete the jigsaw.
This leads to numerous escapades with their 70s campervan throughout the continent we know as Europe and brings us roundabout up to the present day.
What some very important people say about them.
"A pleasant and easy-listening sound, nicely paving the way to foreign shores" - New Folk Sounds
"A promising indie folkband" - 3 voor 12 Utrecht
"Entrancing, atmospheric folk. Extremely uplifting. Not to be missed!" – Michael O'Brien, Origins Promotions, Ireland
"Versatile, discreet folkmusic" - 3 voor 12 Rotterdam